Frontline leads policy and industry analysis in the retail sector through campaigns, coalition building, research, and advocacy.

Frontline is building upon the foundations of the wage theft, paid sick days, and living wage movements in New York City and across the state. Frontline is developing a new framework of workforce policy aimed to address the increasing economic insecurity, fluctuating incomes, and chronic underemployment of retail workers created by the industry’s abusive scheduling practices. Addressing inequality in America must include broad-scale strategies to improve the quality of work in the retail industry, a leader in job growth and overall employment.

Legislative solutions are central to elevating the quality of jobs in the low-wage service sector. Frontline seeks to address the growth of part-time work and unpredictable scheduling while strengthening the social safety net for part-time workers.

Public policies have not kept up with the growth of this contingent workforce. When retail workers lack sufficient hours or juggle multiple part-time jobs, they are often excluded from the basic social safety net of Unemployment Insurance, Family Medical Leave, and Medicaid.

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