CFR’s industry research informs our program development, including our offerings in essential services and the direction of our civic engagement and advocacy.

Pathways to Success

In 2017, CFR published our report “Pathways to Success: The Need for Accessible, Appropriate Trainings for Retail Workers.” Our research shows that while career ladders exist in retail, workers have trouble climbing those ladders and are expected to take on additional responsibilities without a change in title, pay or additional training. Expanding access to quality training is a key mechanism to increase longevity, de-segregate the workforce, and build a career ladder for retail workers.┬áLearn more about the report HERE.

The State of Retail

CFR stays up-to-date with the state of current and pending legislation protecting retail workers and low-wage workers in locally, state-wide, and federally.

Retail workers can Get the Facts about the laws protecting retail workers and New York workers HERE.

The Future of Retail

We’re studying the challenges facing retail as e-commerce grows and associated jobs, including warehouse and delivery roles, become more prevalent in New York City.