Healthcare Access

Frontline leads healthcare education and enrollment for the large uninsured retail workforce facing unique barriers to accessing coverage.

Bringing Health Care Access to Retail Workers

One in nine private sector workers is employed in the retail sector, which leads in job creation, yet has the largest low-wage workforce. Scheduling determines whether an employee receives employer-based health insurance. With the majority of retail workers classified as part-time, many workers are left without health coverage. The 2012 industry report “Discounted Jobs” identified that only 29% have employer-based health insurance, and a citywide survey of 500 non-managerial retail employees of major retailers revealed that an estimated 21% of workers are uninsured, and 34% are enrolled in Medicaid.

Frontline serves this growing workforce

Frontline’s NYS certified navigators offer free direct enrollment services for retail workers, their families, and allies through the New York State Health Exchange. Our navigators use the NY State of Health Marketplace to help individuals identify the best plan for their needs. Our healthcare team conducts outreach on our enrollment services, the importance of healthcare, and offers direct enrollment at outreach sites in New York City, Westchester, and Long Island.

As of March 2016, Frontline has has served 4,104 clients, with 3,555 completed enrollments through the exchange. We educate retail workers about the importance of health care through social media and strategic direct outreach in stores from Fifth Avenue to Fordham Road in the Bronx to downtown Brooklyn.

Frontline is building upon the needs of the retail workforce to offer essential service such as healthcare access and education. We serve to improve the lives of retail workers and their families by rapidly lifting living standards for a healthier New York.

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