Career Development Classes

Rising the retail career ladder takes a special skill set. At the Center for Frontline Retail’s career training classes, retail workers develop the skills they need to advance in the industry.

CFR helps retail workers advance in the industry through our weekly career development programs that train workers in sector-based skills and worker rights. We are partnering with the CUNY School of Professional Studies to develop a comprehensive retail certificate program.

CFR holds sector-skill trainings every month for retail workers and job seekers. We are dedicated to creating standardized career development for retail workers, and continue to branch out with new classes in response to changes in the industry.

Every few months, CFR class graduates are able to participate in free General Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training and CPR classes through a collaboration with the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. Graduates of these classes earn CPR and OSHA certification.

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Career Development

Trainings CFR has offered in the past include:

Retail Practical Lab

Participants develop practical communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills that enable job seekers with no experience to enter the industry and succeed as customer service representatives. The class utilizes role plays, case studies, small group activities and instructional and reflective learning, to share and learn best practices and drill down into every aspect of providing excellent customer service.

Customer Service Training

Retail workers develop their ability to meaningfully engage with customers to increase sales and set themselves on the path for advancement.

  • Sharper communication, team, and sales skills
  • Leadership and problem-solving skills to expertly navigate challenging retail environments
  • Networking opportunities to grow industry contacts
  • Core responsibilities and rights as a retail professional

Visual Merchandising

Retail workers learn how to create compelling visuals and exceptional product displays to increase store traffic and boost sales.

  • How visual merchandising works – Core responsibilities and rights
  • Fundamentals of Sales and Presentations – Delivering an exceptional shopping experience
  • Wear your lifestyle – Inspiration walk, advertising, hands-on pinning and styling
  • Career Expo – Paths, planning, and tips for freelance and employed merchandising consultants