Childcare Subsidies

Why retail workers need Childcare Subsidies

CFR advocates for expanded child care subsidies for part-time retail workers, the majority of whom are women. With the rise of involuntary part-time work in the retail industry, working parents are often unable to meet the 20 hours per week minimum to receive child care subsidies. In many retail jobs, the number of hours offered by an employer fluctuates from week to week and is out of the control of the worker. CFR aims to increase access to child care subsidies while dis-incentivizing just-in-time scheduling practices such as on-call shifts.

Advocacy, Policy Work, and Services

In 2014, CFR joined coalition partners at the New York Union Child Care Coalition, the Consortium for Worker Education, and A Better Balance in establishing a child care subsidy facilitated enrollment pilot program for working parents in Herald Square, providing child care subsidies and quality care in New York City for children up to 13 years of age. Frontline has continued advocating for child care subsidy expansion, and is currently seeking to expand to Downtown Brooklyn, the largest central business district in Brooklyn and a hub for retailers. We are engaging new policy partners to consider not only structures that greatly expand child care subsidies but also build equity for involuntary part-time workers.