Black Lives Matter

Center for Frontline Retail’s Board of Directors and staff share the grief and rage felt by our community members for the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Dion Johnson, who are among the latest victims of state-sanctioned police violence. We mourn the murders of Ahmaud Arbery and Nina Pop. We know Ahmaud Arbery was murdered by white people in his community, and that he and Nina Pop are among the latest victims of the anti-Black racism and anti-Black transmisogyny embedded in our society. 

We stand in solidarity with our community members fighting for Black liberation and an end to police brutality and anti-Black racism, and commend protesters across the city. We join them in seeking to dismantle the systemic racism embedded in our institutions, our laws, and our society. This is a time for action. Only after we tear down the white supremacist structures that have so long defined “peace” in this stolen country will we attain true peace. 

As Black and brown low-wage retail workers, our community members are oppressed by the NYPD and the carceral system. CFR demands that our city defund the NYPD and that money be diverted towards social services and economic and housing support for Black and brown New Yorkers. We demand that the state legislature pass all components of the Safer NY Act. These measures are just a small component of the greater fight against the carceral system, but they are critical steps. And they are only made possible by continued protesting and advocacy. Already, we have seen that the protests across NYC are effecting change; we applaud the communities and organizations, including the Safer NY Act Coalition and Communities United for Police Reform, who pushed the NYS government to repeal 50-A, pass the Police STAT Act, and pass the special prosecutor bill. CFR’s staff, board, and community members will learn from the work that is being done by organizers dedicated to this issue, and will collaborate to identify the next steps we can take as a community.

We cannot and will not prioritize “order” over justice. CFR commits to collaborating with workers, fellow community based organizations, and campaigns to work towards Black liberation. We commit to identifying and expunging white supremacism’s influence from our own organization and our work. And we commit to honoring our community members’ lived experiences and advancing their leadership within our organization, their workplaces, and across New York City.

In solidarity,
Center for Frontline Retail