Civic Engagement and Community Organizing







CFR promotes awareness and action through civic engagement and community organizing. CFR supports the retail workers in our community with developing the tools to effect change in their workplaces and their industry at large, and creates platforms for workers and allies to call for justice in retail.

Community Building

Workers in the CFR community participate in regular community gatherings, at which they discuss issues facing the modern retail worker, strategy for ongoing retail campaigns for workplace justice, and learn about advocating for their rights as workers, New Yorkers, and immigrants.

Leadership Development

CFR’s regular trainings are embedded with lessons in workers’ rights and leadership development, enabling workers to advocate for themselves on the job, leading to a higher quality of employment and economic security in a sector notorious for a low quality of employment.

Additionally, workers take part in surveys, pilot classes, and other activities that support building out CFR’s programming and new classes each year and ensure that those programs can prepare participants to help lead CFR’s community organizing.

Community Action

CFR mobilizes our members to participate in actions and rallies for justice for low-wage, BIPOC, and queer and trans workers.. Through their participation, our community members shine a light on the issues facing our communities, and the importance of their labor and progressive movements in New York City.

2020 Agenda

CFR’s civic engagement and community organizing agenda is developed through collaborative discussions between CFR’s staff, community members, and allies. For the upcoming year, CFR will be mobilizing our community around the following issues:

  • Supporting workers through the COVID-19 crisis
  • Healthcare for All
  • Paid vacation days for all
  • Identifying unfair labor practices and other retail workplace issues