Our Mission, Vision, and Priorities

Our Mission

Center for Frontline Retail (CFR) promotes awareness, leadership, and action to achieve quality employment in the retail sector through civic engagement, essential services for retail workers, and conducting industry research.

Our Vision

We seek a world where retail workers are respected and valued as an essential contributor to society while earning a living wage that can sustain a family, and receiving adequate benefits including health insurance, 401k, paid sick leave, and paid vacation time.

Our Values

Services to organizing
We believe in providing essential services while helping retail workers build community.

We believe in working with all sectors and leaders to promote awareness.

We believe in equity for all persons.

2019 Priorities

CFR’s BOD and staff are committed to the following priorities in 2019:

1. Increasing CFR’s capacity and impact
a. Expand CFR’s impact and influence.

2. Continuing to form relationships with our partners
a. Continue to establish relationships with the community

3. Strengthening current projects through evaluation
a. Continue to build CFR’s portfolio of services while evaluating them.

4. Normalizing business practices
a. Create a leaner and more efficient organization by standardizing business processes.

Visit us at 7 Penn Plaza, 14th Floor, on 7th Avenue between 30th and 31st Streets.