Join the Shoppers' Alliance

The Center for Frontline Retail’s Shoppers’ Alliance


The Shoppers’ Alliance is a network of socially responsible shoppers who support retail workers fighting to improve working conditions in one of the fastest growing industries in NYC. We engage and educate retail workers, shoppers, and community members to build movement capacity and a support network for workers affected by industry practices.

What we do

  • Strengthen workers’ voices through press and social media
  • Educate through leadership development and career advancement trainings
  • Curate public forums with elected officials to ensure proper retail industry practices are visible on political platforms
  • Create space for workers to educate shoppers and allies on industry practices through social media

How you can help

The Shoppers’ Alliance is committed to economic, racial and social justice for all retail workers. Given shoppers’ influence in the retail industry, your voice can be the support that workers need to enforce change. To become a socially conscious shopper, stay connected with us through social media by joining the Shoppers’ Alliance on Twitter @ShoppersAlly and Instagram, and take our Shoppers’ Survey below!