Who we are

Founded in 2014, Frontline was formed by the collaborative thinking of community leaders committed to improving the lives of retail workers. With the fiscal support of Make the Road New York, Frontline is able to create impactful change in the retail industry. Our movement is member-driven and worker-lead, keeping us constantly updated to the pressing issues retail workers face.

What we do

The Center for Frontline Retail promotes awareness, leadership, and action to achieve quality employment in the retail sector. Through community organizing, industry analysis, and leadership development, Frontline grows grassroots capacity and powerful broad-based coalitions across diverse communities to advance economic and social justice. Our industry analysis and worker empowerment expand public knowledge about the latest trends impacting the quality of retail employment. Frontline is a leader in the movement to create family-sustaining jobs in one of America’s fastest growing industries. We work to simultaneously elevate workers’ voices and raise standards in the retail sector.

Frontline organizes workers for leadership in the retail industry and their communities, to end unpredictable scheduling and low wages in one of the fastest growing industries, and to ensure workers have access to social safety nets such as partial unemployment insurance and child care subsidies.

Visit us at 7 Penn Plaza, 14th Floor, on 7th Avenue between 30th and 31st Streets to see what Frontline can do for you.