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The Center for Frontline Retail is currently undergoing an Executive Transition after the departure of our previous Executive Director late last year. To help us bring on a new and dynamic Executive Director and support our vision for retail justice, we’re asking that our friends and allies donate to our Help Sustain Us Campaign. We have a goal of raising $50,000, and hope you will be a part of this initiative!

Your donation can help in the following ways:

  • A $5,000 donation will support the maintenance of our valuable data servers which hold essential information for all internal and external components of our organization and services;
  • A $2,500 donation will allow CFR to advertise services online to reach jobseekers and retail workers seeking opportunities for advancement;
  • A $1,000 donation will be cover one month of rent for our office space, where staff members work daily, classes are hosted, hiring events are held, and health care enrollment services are provided;
  • A $500 donation will support CFR in maintaining the website for a few month – which hosts information about workers’ rights and our services, along with registration forms for our free classes and events;
  • With a $100 donation, CFR’s Health Care Access Program can maintain the call in/cell phone hotline for one month;
  • And a $40 donation will cover the costs for one weekly hiring event!

Please support us in helping to continue to fight for workers’ rights and family-sustaining employment, while working towards our own growth and sustainability through new leadership by donating today, and sharing with your networks!

Please make checks payable to “Make the Road New York c/o the Center for Frontline Retail” and mail to:

The Center for Frontline Retail
370 Seventh Avenue – 14th Floor
New York, NY, 10001

We are grateful for any and all contributions.